Preschool Parent Day

On Monday afternoon, I went to Hannah’s classroom for Parent Day. I couldn’t attend last year’s, so it was fun to see Hannah in school, around other kids.

She loves having jobs (like line leader, or calendar helper) and she listens and participates a lot more than I ever did when I was in school.

We made Letter D donuts with paper “sprinkles” and white paint “frosting”. While we were waiting to make fabric pumpkins, we played with homemade playdoh (does anyone else HATE playdoh? It’s the smell! Store-bought or homemade, I just can’t handle it…)

When we were done crafting, we had chocolate donuts (Letter D…) and apple slices.

I am amazed at how independent she is now. Two years ago, she was still attached to me and would barely go to her gramma’s. Now she happily runs into her classroom in the morning without a backward glance. My last baby. She will be FIVE in January and I can hardly believe it. It seems like these last years have gone by so fast.

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