33 Things

Post inspired by the wonderful LaShawn Wiltz at Everyday Eyecandy.

Today I am 33. It’s pretty much just another day. Except that I am spending it with my three kids and my parents. I told my mom all I wanted for my birthday was a big fire, BBQ, and chocolate chip meringue bars (since I can’t bake to save my life.

I have had a list of things I want to do since I was in therapy the first time in early 2017. Honestly, I kind of forgot about that list until about a month ago. I made some changes since I accomplished a few things already.

Go swimming with my kids

Take them to more social events

Make progress in therapy

Try new foods from the local Farmer’s Market

Go to an outdoor movie

Pick fruit this summer

Get back into consistent blogging

Take daily photos

Get in the photos with my kids

Take more selfies

Walk every single day

More deliberate self-care

Less Netflix, more nature

Use my planners more

Plan more self-care nights

Use my free time more wisely

Use my phone LESS

Pick a church

GO to church

Take a portrait of my kids each month

Get a haircut

Try Barre3 again

Get some sun (safely) this summer

Go see a movie alone

Word hard in therapy

Wear more makeup for fun

Journal daily

Get back into writing fiction

Focus on school and get my last year out of the way

Figure out who I am and be that.†

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