First Day of Summer

Today is the first day of summer. Lauren is already asking when she can go to school again (she misses her teachers and is 100% sick of me already). Yesterday after school, Lauren, Hannah and I made the world’s best cookies (and I ate too much dough…). We dropped Avery off at a friend’s house for pizza and a sleepover.

This morning, these two were up before 6am, playing in their room not so quietly. So we decided to head to Cub in our jammies for our favorite donuts while we waited for the library to open.

After we had donuts and smelled the flowering trees, we went to Walmart for some sandals for Lauren. She picked the same ones as Hannah, so they could “be best friends”.

Our library started their Summer Reading program today, so I registered all the kids. They can collect minutes by reading and turn them in at the end of July to win prizes. There are also some kid-friendly events going on in the next two months that we plan on attending.

Now we’re just hanging out, coloring with new crayons, running errands, and enjoying the cooler weather (since yesterday was 90*). We rented the Lego Movie 2 for the third time (time to think about buying it…) and we’ll probably read all of their new library books before Monday.

Have a great weekend!

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