Pediatric Podiatrist Visit

Lauren has Down syndrome, for those of who who did not know that. She has always had a little trouble walking since her ankles turn in, and I think it’s starting to cause her pain. She doesn’t seem to want to play on the playground as much, or run around with her sisters. I am concerned that her ankles will only get worse, and cause future problems with her hips, walking, and moving.

I finally got an appointment with a pediatric podiatrist who has experience with children with special needs, even though we had to drive all the way to St. Paul to see him.

My mom came with Lauren and I, since I am unfamiliar with the Twin Cities, and my mom has been there several times over the past six years for my brother’s cancer treatments (all is well now, thank goodness!).

We started out kind of early, since we weren’t quite sure where to go. We had donuts and banana bread for breakfast, and hit the road. Traffic was a little nuts going out of town since it was rush hour but we made it. It was a beautiful day, weatherwise. We went to Cabela’s before the appointment to stretch our legs and check out some animals.

Lauren was not happy that she had to go to the doctor, because doctor visits usually mean shots. But today, she didn’t need shots thankfully. She did really well at the appointment, and as usual, everyone loved her. She clung to Gramma most of the time, since mom is old news when Gramma is around (and I’m okay with that, since Gramma is awesome!)

We met Silas the Therapy Dog. Lauren really loved him. He sat with her for a few minutes while we waited to get her brace molds made and she gave him a few cheese treats.

Lauren was diagnosed with hip dysplasia today. She is getting braces for her ankles to help straighten them out so she can walk better. We’ll get the braces in about two weeks and she chose a butterfly design for the outside of them. All in all, it was a successful appointment (three hours start to finish) and we’re hoping these braces will help!

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