We have been enjoying the cool weather. I’m definitely not complaining about that. We got some new sidewalk chalk (mermaid and unicorn glitter) so they’ve been filling up the back patio every day. I have to take buckets of water and wash it off so they can color every morning.

I made chicken alfredo the other day. It was a hit with Lauren, but Hannah gagged. At least she tried it!

Hannah got a new Elsa book from a garage sale so she was reading it with Lauren on the couch. These two get along so well. They even share a room, which hasn’t caused much of an issue so far.

The kids got some new shoes Friday morning thanks to clearance. I don’t think they will make it until September, but they work for now. Lauren will be getting SMOs (braces) on her feet on July 1 (she chose pink camo), so she needed some new shoes anyway.

Today we are just hanging out at home this weekend, since it’s supposed to storm tonight and tomorrow. I bought some paint and playdoh so we may do some crafting for Independence Day. Have a great weekend!

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