Last Day of Summer School

It’s Lauren’s last day of 5th grade summer school. In about three weeks, she will be going back to school as a SIXTH GRADER. Seriously, where does the time go?

The other night, we went to our local Night to Unite event, and Lauren had a great time. She had a hot dog, chips and Pepsi (!) for dinner, plus a root beer float, and got to use the fire hose to shoot a wall of fake windows. She mostly loved the rainbow that the water made though. She also got to see the Sheriff’s helicopter, and two fire trucks.

This morning, I took a few photos in our backyard, and this one was one of the best. I tend to have to say pretty embarrassing things to get Lauren to genuinely smile these days (a favorite around here is ‘butt snack’ from Troll Hunters on Netflix), but I think it’s worth it. She is disappointed that school is over already, and can’t wait until September! Honestly, I’m ready for school to start too!

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