33 Things Update

When I wrote the first post back in May, I was in a relationship. Some of my goals were relationship-oriented. Now that I am very happily single, I feel the I need to update my goals again.

  • Go swimming with my kids
  • Take them to more social events
  • Make progress in therapy
  • Try new foods from the local Farmer’s Market
  • Go to an outdoor movie
  • Pick fruit this summer
  • Get back into consistent blogging
  • Take daily photos
  • Get in the photos with my kids
  • Take more selfies
  • Walk every single day
  • More deliberate self-care
  • Less Netflix, more nature
  • Use my planners more
  • Plan more self-care nights
  • Use my free time more wisely
  • Use my phone LESS
  • Go out to dinner alone once a month
  • Write with my (many) pens more
  • Take a portrait of my kids each month
  • Get a haircut
  • Read daily
  • Get some sun (safely) this summer
  • Go see a movie alone
  • Word hard in therapy
  • Drink a lot more water every day
  • Journal daily
  • Get back into writing fiction
  • Focus on school and get my last year out of the way
  • Figure out who I am and be that.

Not too many things have changed, and now that I am looking back on this list, I need to get a move on the summer stuff! It’s already mid-August – my classes start in a little over a week and the kids go back the day after Labor Day. Summer is flying by and we’ve been a little lazy!

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