Creating A Writing Schedule

Since I haven’t been writing much lately, I need to ease back into it. I am planning on using tips from Kristen Kieffer at Well-Storied to create my daily writing schedule.

First, I need to come up with a daily word count minimum. I can barely crank out 50 words for journaling some days, so I will aim for 100 words a day on any one of my various works-in-progress or something new. I will not count my journaling, since that’s non-fiction.

Second, I will have to write early in the morning, since I am usually a night owl and I want to change things up. School starts in a few weeks, so getting up early will need to become habit again. I’ll set my alarm for 5am and be writing by 5:15am.

Third, I need to decide where I am going to write. Some nights, I bring my laptop upstairs with me, with the goal of getting things done, but I usually fall asleep instead. To wake me up in the mornings though, I suppose having to walk all the way downstairs to use my laptop will be better than hitting snooze.

Last, I need to have some sort of small goal to work towards. In one month (31 days from tomorrow), I want to have written 3100 words. If I reach that goal, I will get to buy a new notebook (my favorites are Fringe Studio notebooks from TJ Maxx).

I think that’s a good start! Happy writing!

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