5 Tips For Staying Healthy in College

  • Drink water.
    • I carry around a metal 64oz cup (with a straw) because it keeps my water cold forever and using a straw seems to make it easier for me to drink more.
  • Walk as much as possible.
    • Park at the end of the parking lot. Take the stairs not the elevator. Eat lunch while you walk. Just take more steps. This in one tip I am having a hard time with. Taking my own advice and heading out for a walk now!
  • Choose fruits and veggies over junk in the cafeteria or pack your own lunch.
    • I am not a huge fan of fruits and veggies. I only like a few, and honestly, I’d rather grab a Reese’s Pieces Peanut Butter cup instead of a cup of pineapple, but you know, I need that pineapple more.
  • Don’t skip breakfast.
    • I am not a huge breakfast eater, but have an apple, banana, piece of toast. Something in your belly to help you focus.
  • Don’t stay up too late (especially if you have kids like I  do!)
    • For the past few nights, I’ve been going to bed at about 10:30. I still think this is a little late, since I don’t feel rested in the morning, but as the semester progresses I will adjust it. I read my Kindle app right before I fall asleep. I barely make it a few pages before I’m out. Do what works for you!

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