Christmas Eve Eve 2019

Yesterday was Christmas Eve Eve. I had six kids from morning until bedtime. They played outside, we went for a walk, they played on devices, we watched movies and they played together.

But. At some point, I just couldn’t handle the noise and complaining and whining and fighting anymore. So as the Head of My Household, I made the Executive Decision to open presents a day early (We normally open them on Christmas Eve). My niece and nephews weren’t mad that they didn’t have any presents to open – they were just excited to see what their cousins got!

Polly Pockets are apparently making a comeback, as are Lite Brites. They were both big hits with all the kids! Hannah will spend the next week putting together her four puzzles (she LOVES puzzles) and Avery and Leila will be shut in her room, crafting.

I don’t think we will make opening presents on Christmas Eve Eve a tradition, but it was fun to do just once! Sometimes, you just have to give in.

Merry Christmas!

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