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  • Spring Semester Goals

    January 11, 2020 by

    I’ll be honest, my Fall semester was rough. I didn’t do as well as I had hoped in any of my classes, and that’s all on me. This semester is going to be even worse though, since I started working at a local daycare. I will also be completing my internship there (180 hours by… Read more

  • The First Six Days

    January 6, 2020 by

    Papa and Gramma came to stay over on January 1st, and Papa played My Little Pony Candy Land with Lauren. On January 2nd, Avery came home “sick”. She was completely fine. Hannah turned 6 on January 3rd and celebrated with a unicorn cake. On Saturday, January 4th, they played play-doh most of the day. On… Read more

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