First Day of Winter Break!

It’s the first day of winter break today, and it’s also Winter Solstice AND it’s supposed to be nearly 40*! We will be going for a walk at some point today, and doing some chores around the house. We really don’t have much planned for the break – just hanging out and hopefully not driving each other too crazy.

Last night, Hannah was eating dinner and lost her second tooth. She was very surprised that it came out so fast. The tooth fairy forgot to come…Oops.

Lauren is already counting down the days until she can go back to school. If she could live at school, she would!

Mother’s Day 2019

Mother’s Day was just another Sunday for us, except we could finally get outside. It has been cold, snowy and rainy for the past, well, eight months or so. We spent the day playing outside, going to the park, and two out of three kids rode their bikes. I bought myself some flowers and a bag of Reese’s Pieces (that I didn’t share).

I told the kids I only wanted one thing: to not have to do any housework. Well, I ended up doing two loads of dishes (why do they use so many cups?!) but that was about it. I put off laundry until Monday, because why not?

We’re looking forward to many more days outside in the sunshine!