Last Day of Summer Vacation

It seemed like a very short summer, at least to me. Well, the days dragged on and on while the weeks went by quickly. We finally went swimming at the beginning of August. It was short-lived because apparently the lake isn’t fun anymore? I don’t know. But it was a thing crossed off of our summer to-do list, so.

We went the fair, too. It was the last day, and it was hot and humid, so we didn’t stay long. Just long enough to get some donuts.

Avery turned 10. She was actually at her gramma’s house for her actual birthday, so she helped gramma make a cake and pick out her birthday card. All the kids were at gramma’s that week for Bible School. It was the first year they could all go together and they had a blast!

In June, we found out that their beloved Papa (my dad) would need a quadruple bypass and valve replacement. His heart wasn’t strong enough at the time to go into surgery, so he’s been on meds to hopefully strengthen his heart. We are hoping to get a surgery date sometime in September. The longer he waits, the worse it gets. (These are screenshots from Instagram. Sorry they look blurry!)

I’m going a little out of order, but mid-July, two out of the three kids went to Summer School. Can you tell Hannah was a little sad?

Lauren wrote a letter to her teacher telling her all the fun things she did this summer. Top of her list? Papa’s house and playing My Little Pony with her sisters.

Hannah’s excited, though she may not look like she is.

First Week of Summer Semester

It’s been a long week. But I’ve almost finished all of my homework that was assigned this week. I’m taking 9 credits (which is three 16-week courses all crammed into 8 weeks), and they all require different paper styles (MLA, APA, none??), they all have several different requirements for the discussion boards, and I even have to write a paper this week. Nothing like jumping right in! (I’m in the process of writing that paper now, but kinda, sorta procrastinating a little, since it’s kinda, sorta tough.) I understand the purpose of the discussion boards, but sometimes I just have literally nothing to add to the topic, so I lose points.

I’m taking Sociology of the Family, Intercultural Communication since everything in the Child Development classes emphasize culture and Positive Psychology. It will be my second time taking this class. I took it last summer when I was in a very different place, mental health-wise. I’m curious to see if that affects it in any way.

I’ve got to get a little creative in when I actually do my homework since it’s summer now and the kids are home full-time. Lauren and I head to the library a few times a week just to get out of the house. I don’t get a lot done there, but it’s better than nothing. I’m still trying to set an excellent example regarding school and homework, so I’m really trying not to complain about how much I have to get done each week.

I’m using Google Calendar and my inkWELL Press Daily Undated planner to keep track of homework and due dates. All of my due dates are set a day before they are actually due, to trick me into working harder and procrastinating less. I’ll let you know if it works… I love GoogleCal because it will send reminders to my phone. I sometimes use good ol’ Post-Its and Sharpies too, it just depends on the day, my mood, and how many assignments I need to get done.

In addition to my first week of summer classes, I had my first psychiatrist appointment and first therapist appointment in over a month. It’s been closer to a month and a half for the therapist. I wrote about that here. So, yeah, it’s been a busy week!