Weekly Library Time

For the past few Saturdays, we’ve been going to the library with Leila and Teegan. My kids don’t normally pick out books (they’d rather play) but Leila absolutely loves reading, so she is helping my kids get into it too.

With a break for a puppet show, of course.

And maybe some blocks too.

North Star Donuts

This morning, we went to a food truck from North Star Donuts, based out of the Twin Cities. We got 3 dozen mini apple cider donuts (I shared them with my sister and her kids). I didn’t get a chance to take a photo of the actual donuts because they were pretty much gone by the time we got home. They were so good though!

Acupuncture for Depression and Anxiety

I have been getting treated for depression and anxiety, among other things, for the past two years. I’ve been on just about every med and combination, and haven’t really felt any relief, just side effects. I’ve also been to therapists (currently seeing my third), but for someone with social anxiety, it’s hard to get to my appointments sometimes, and I have a hard time opening up to people. I like my current therapist though, and have appointments scheduled through the end of October.

I drive by the acupuncture center all the time on my way to the store and my therapist, and I finally decided to make the call on Monday. I got in Wednesday. I’ll be honest – I am not the biggest fan of needles (who is?) which is why I’ve put this experience off for so long. I googled what would happen, side effects, and how long any relief is supposed to last. Going into my appointment, I was more nervous about talking to the doctor than I was about the actual procedure.

(I didn’t take any pictures because I felt weird about it and I put my phone away for the appointment.)

When I got to the appointment, the doctor talked about what acupuncture is and how it helps anxiety and depression. Then he did some chiropractic stuff and we went into the acupuncture room, which had a table and a pretty decent view. He told me what he was going to do, where he was going to place the needles and then he placed them in my feet, legs, hands, and head. I also got “semi-permanents” set into my ears, which are supposed to stay in for 3-5 days and provide relief when not at the appointment. They are gold and look like earrings. Kind of cool!

So, the big question? Do I feel any different? No, not really. Did I expect to? If we’re being honest, yeah. But I have another appointment next week and I’m going to keep going for awhile. I’m a little curious to see if this does actually help my anxiety and depression.

Acupuncture for Depression and Anxiety | What to Expect at the First Session