First Day of School!

Kindergarten, 5th grade and 6th grade.

Sunday Fun Day

We are spending our last weekend before school starts…doing nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Avery’s a 5th grader now, so that means homework, homework, homework. I don’t think she realizes how much there will be, since she hasn’t had any for the past few years. Now she’ll have homework in every class. So do I, so I can feel her pain.

Well, that’s it for now. Gotta get back to doing nothing.

Happy Sunday!

Things I Don’t Need for Spring Semester

At the beginning of last year, I was so excited to shop for school supplies for myself. Now, as I’m finishing up my third semester, I realized that all the notebooks and fancy pens I bought for school have ended up on my kids’ art shelves. The classes I’m taking – I don’t need to take notes, so I don’t need notebooks. I don’t need fancy pens that my kids just steal and lose anyway.


I love buying pens and notebooks and office supplies in general. But when you’re on a budget, you quickly learn what’s a waste of money and what’s not.



I never use my backpack. It sits in the living room getting chewed on by the cat. I have a large purse, and my laptop and binder fit perfectly.


I’m also trying to declutter my house for winter since we will be spending a considerable amount of time inside (Minnesota winters are not fun.) Notebooks, papers, and pens are the first things to go.

Four Things I Don't Need For Spring Semester

Fall Conferences

On Tuesday afternoon, I went to Avery’s fall conference. I had a good idea of what to expect, but I was still a little shocked at her math scores.

July 31 Av9 Beth A Hardinger

According to the test she took for reading, she is at a 3.8 grade level (she’s in fourth grade), so this was encouraging. I just wish I could get her to read more at home. (I wish my kids had inherited my love for reading – and Harry Potter!)

July 31 Av1 Beth A Hardinger

Her math test was not as encouraging, but it’s still early in the year and there’s time to turn it around. The test results broke down exactly what she needs help with, so I am making a plan for her to work on during breaks and the weekends. Less device time, more brain time. (My kids no longer have devices, so that’s one problem solved.)

Sept7 La1 Beth A Hardinger

All in all, she’s doing well in a new school, with new friends. Next year, she will be a middle-schooler, so it’s important to give her all the skills she needs to succeed now.

Next up is Lauren’s conference, and then her IEP meeting in December. According to her new teacher, she writes IEPs a little differently than others, so I’m anxious to see what she will come up with.